Brown Becomes Partner at Cox Capital Management

It is with great pleasure to announce that effective January 1, 2020, Ethan Brown is now a Partner at Cox Capital Management. Brown joined the firm over five years ago. He completed an MBA from UMass Lowell with a specialization in finance. Brown brings a host of analytical abilities to the firm. Moreover, he has played a key role in CCM’s strong investment performance over the past few years. With Brown in place, CCM has effectively started a multi-generational succession strategy. This will ensure that all clients will continue to receive top quality investment management and financial planning for years to come. “I couldn’t be happier to have Ethan as a Partner at the firm,” said CCM founder Bill Cox. “He has been a great asset and is well-liked by all clients. This milestone event proves that we are committed to building a top-quality firm that is future-ready.”

Cox founded Cox Capital in 1997. He built the firm over the years by focusing on investment research with the goal of bringing high quality portfolio management to the local level. Along the way, Cox resisted the temptation to buy investment funds or other financial products. Instead, he retained his independence and research-focus. This move allowed him to protect investors during the 2000 “Tech Wreck” and 2008 Global Financial Crisis. When Brown joined the firm, he shared Cox’s passion for research and active portfolio management. Brown was integral in helping found CCM’s investment committee, which includes UML professor Tunde Kovacs, as well as starting CCM’s successful internship program. “I’m thrilled to become a Partner at Cox Capital,” said Brown. “I’m so thankful to Bill for this great opportunity. This is truly my dream job and I’m looking forward to a long and fulfilling career at Cox Capital.”