Financial Planning

We help you answer the question: "Will I have enough?"

We'll advise you on how to prioritize goals and objectives, and manage risk. We'll serve as a guide so you can enjoy your life today and pursue your goals for tomorrow. We go beyond investments - we provide guidance on tax planning, insurance, retirement and income planning.

Sample Financial Plans

Example 1: Keegan and Taylor

Keegan and Taylor are in their 30's, starting a family and looking to plan for the future.

Keegan and Taylor's Plan (PDF) Young active couple on a fall hike with stroller

Example 2: Frank and Joanna

Frank and Joanna are in their 50's, planning for retirement and wondering if they have enough.

Frank and Joanna's Plan (PDF) Older couple walking on path in the woods with walking poles

Our Financial Planning Process

1 - Establishing a relationship

We'll talk about working together. We'll discuss your goals, services you need, our fees, responsibilities, and duration of the engagement.

2 - Gathering your data

Before we start giving any advice, we'll get a full picture of your finances. We'll ask for a variety of financial documents, and details about your personal situation.

3 - Analyzing your situation

We analyze your financial situation and likelihood of reaching your stated objectives. We make a number of assumptions - retirement age, life expectancy, inflation, tax rates and investment returns.

4 - Presenting your plan

We recommend a path for reaching your financial goals and objectives. We also present alternative paths that vary our assumptions. Our plans consider the scope of the engagement, your goals, assumptions, and your overall financial situation.

5 - Executing your plan

You are welcome to accept or reject our financial plan. In some cases the original scope of the engagement may need to be changed. If you move forward, we get started helping you execute your plan. We outline tasks, and coordinate with related professionals. We begin selecting and securing products and services.

6 - Monitoring your progress

We'll be with you all the way, monitoring your progress and adjusting as needed. As time goes on, you may decide to lengthen or shorten the engagement, or reevaluate your plan completely. We can modify your plan and adjust our services as life evolves.

Financial Planning Services

Cox Capital provides comprehensive financial planning services. Those who benefit from these services may be young families looking to accelerate the growth of their net worth, folks thinking about retirement and wanting to make sure their future is financially secure, and business owners looking for guidance in navigating the sale of a closely held business.

Young Families and Individuals

For young families or individuals, many common questions touch upon the necessity of life insurance, education planning through 529 accounts, or the trade-off between paying off a mortgage versus investing excess cash. We aim to clarify these questions and help these folks grow their wealth in a low-risk, tax-efficient manner.

Potential Retirees

Potential retirees are most concerned with the question, "will I have enough money to retire." Our modeling software provides a clear, visible path to future cash flow in retirement. Common issues that potential retirees face are the need for long-term care insurance, when to take social security, and how to best distribute their assets to fund living in retirement.


Finally, entrepreneurs may navigate a complex path to optimize the transition out of a business. What sale price will provide for financial security? How can the sale be structured to provide the greatest tax efficiency? Many business owners face other challenges as they think about how they will spend their newly found time. We are here to help with these challenges.

Tax Strategies

Cox Capital has a playbook to ensure our clients minimize tax liabilities for a variety of situations:

  • Defer capital gains through tax loss harvesting, Qualified Opportunity Zones, or 1031 Exchanges (if real estate is involved)
  • Reduce taxable income through investment in municipal bonds, qualified retirement plans, or charitable donations
  • Reduce estate tax liabilities through intergenerational gifting, bypass or AB Trusts, or direct funding of decedent's education
  • Special situations may warrant a Roth conversion strategy or the creation of a family foundation

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