Financial Planning

We help you answer the question: "Will I have enough?"

Cox Capital Management places the highest priority on helping you meet your financial planning goals. In charting your course for the future, we pull together all of the components of your financial and personal circumstances.

Our financial planners will advise you on how to prioritize goals and objectives, manage risk, and serve as a guide for the future so that you can enjoy your life today and pursue your goals for tomorrow.

Financial Planning Process

1 - Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship

We discuss the scope of the engagement which includes the service to be provided, compensation, conflicts of interest, responsibilities, duration of the engagement and additional information necessary to define to scope.

2 - Gathering client data

Prior to making recommendations, we will need to obtain sufficient and relevant quantitative information and documents pertaining to your financial resources, obligations and personal situation.

3 - Analyzing and evaluating the client's current financial status

We assess your financial situation and determine the likelihood of reaching your stated objectives. We use a number of assumptions that may include, but are not limited to, personal assumptions, retirement age, life expectancy, income needs, risk factors, time horizon and special needs. We also include assumptions such as inflation rates, tax rates and investment returns.

4 - Developing and presenting recommendations and/or alternatives

We formulate recommendations to achieve your financial goals and objectives. We also present a number of alternative scenarios depending of varying assumptions and circumstances. Our recommendations are consistent with the defined scope of the engagement, mutual agreed goals and needs, qualitative data, economic assumptions, current situation and alternatives.

5 - Implementing the recommendations

The client is responsible for accepting or rejecting recommendations. In some cases the original scope of the engagement may need to be modified. We offer our assistance in identifying activities necessary for implementation including division of activities, referrals to other professionals, sharing of information as authorized and selecting and securing products and/or services.

6 - Monitoring the recommendations

We assist you in monitoring the recommendations. The monitoring process may reveal the need to reinitiate steps of the financial planning process. The current scope of the engagement may also need to be modified.

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