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Protect your hard-earned wealth and generate predictable income

Cox Capital Management is an Andover MA financial advisor with clients in 21 states. We offer custom investment portfolios designed to preserve your wealth and generate steady income. Our most important job is shielding you from risk, and helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Asset Management

As financial advisors move more towards ETFs and robo-advisors, Cox Capital offers a more human approach . We use the latest tech tools, but we keep common sense and experienced judgement in the process.

Financial Planning

Our top priority is to help you meet your long term goals. Once we have a full picture of your finances, we arrange the pieces to fit your objectives. Adjustments are made as life evolves, goals change, or new situations arise.


We keep you up to speed on our thinking, research, and things that could impact your financial future. Clear communication is crucial for building a long-term relationship and achieving your financial goals.

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