We fully understand the challenges that non-profit organizations face

We understand how important portfolio performance is in achieving your organization's mission. Cox Capital Management has served the nonprofit community for 20 years, helping many organizations reach their financial goals. We are independent thinkers with a well-thought out plan and a long history of success.

Our Values

Our investment approach is conservative. Our time-tested methods attempt to mitigate risk, and we are not swayed by the financial media. We believe losing money is a very serious matter, which is why preservation of capital is our top objective. Instead of chasing returns, our goal is to be part-owners in businesses that we believe will be bigger and more prosperous over longer periods of time. These companies must serve real purposes in society and be guided by ethical and socially responsible management teams. All of our investment decisions are governed by a strong moral compass and a tilt towards social responsibility.

Our Process

Our intense, process-based strategy has proven to be a winning formula over the years. We combine cutting edge portfolio optimization and risk management techniques with traditional fundamental analysis. This unique process captures the best of both worlds – leveraging technology and big data while at the same time including a human element to our research. We meet many of the companies that we invest in, allowing us to personally assess their character and their business plan. Our goal is to build a portfolio of diverse and complementary businesses that is positioned to grow over time and where the risks have been systematically mitigated. Through this process, we continue to help many foundations and nonprofits carry out their missions and do good in the world.

We are a proud affiliate member of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network and Associated Grant Makers: